romping roamers
we may be,
two small chi’s
and one sea bee.

dashing, weaving
through the ‘loin,
where we are begged
for our last coin.

which try, we give,
because–why not?
i may not have,
but some’ve forgot.

through drugs and trash
and all that’s crass,
there are still those
who don’t harass.

unlikely gem,
(gave first a fright!)
flashed toothy grin
(so i delight!).

pause i did,
paraphrase will,
this small exchange
my heart did fill–

“who let these,
these dogs out?”
“me!” said i,
(more as a shout).

“but hardly dogs,
they’re two small chi’s!”
so laugh we did,
and laughed with ease.

while black was he
and white am i,
in truth, were just
two passing by.

as it should be,
and as it was,
jokes flowed free,
believe because

while birth may dole
a hampered place,
kind souls shine
an unbought grace.

with this exchange,
our laughter rings,
each past forgot as
smiles this brings.


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