fearing love,
fearing lust.
fearing doubt,
fearing trust.

fearing bulge,
fearing thin.
fearing loss,
fearing win.

fearing nothing,
fearing much.
fearing space,
fearing touch.

fearing space,
fearing close.
fearing those
i’ve loved the most.

fear that fearing
fearing fear,
that i may pass
before the year.

fearing that place,
fearing dark–
fearing death
would leave no mark.

perhaps it’s best to
just fear fear.

but no!
there’s more
behind the fear.
all that i love–
those i hold dear.

just once
stay calm, and know–
remember lines
that fall below:

fear not what may,
nor what may not.
embrace the times
that fear forgot.





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