sometimes when you think,
you think oft too much.
and think of the past
and errors and such.

remember there’s future,
there’s present,
and past.

mistakes that you’ve made
need not be your last.

heartfelt and strong
though emotions may be,
it’s not what you are–
it’s how you see.

though pain might be deep–
what’s close to your heart
remember you keep.

through conversations,
of all that you’re scared…
it’s okay that sometimes
you do not feel prepared.

but know that you are strong
and that feelings, they are fleet…
and emotions can wreck,
but can also be sweet.

it’s changes
and strangers
that scare you the most.
but presence, it helps
the confidence boast.

so deep breath
and sweet breath
and breathe it all in.

you know that this time…
this time you’ll win.


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